Who We Are

Simulation Flight

Effective and Affordable Flight Training Utilizing an FAA Approved Full Motion AATD 

"Great facility, remarkable full motion  AATD simulator and excellent instruction from a real pro! I highly recommend Simulation Flight."

Chris DeMaria

Who We Are​

Finishing a 25-year career with American Airlines, Captain Bob Collins developed a passion for training and safety. And with all his years as a Line Pilot, flight instructor and Simulator instructor, Bob just could not let his years of experience go to waste. Thus, Simulation Flight was born.

Even though Bob retired off a Boeing 767, he has extensive General Aviation experience, having built his own RV-7A and owning multiple singles and twins. Bob is the first to admit, "there is a huge difference between landing a heavy equipped with a million dollars of glass cockpit vs. landing in a single pilot IFR situation, often with just the basic instruments." We train on your make and model with what you've got in the panel!

Bob, and all of our instructors are experts in the sim. But possibly more important, our instructors are GA experts, having flown for years, made the mistakes and learned the lessons. We can pass years of hard-earned lessons along and we would love to help.

Training in an aircraft vs. a simulator you ask?

An aircraft requires:

  • A safety pilot
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Pre-flight time
  • Post-flight time
  • Possibly a lengthy commute
  • Weather!

Training in a simulator offers:

  • A climate-controlled environment
  • The ability to skew between locations instantly
  • Full instrument proficiency
  • And most important, the ability to hit the pause button and learn!

However, it is absolutely necessary to conduct flights in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) to gain practical experience. The combination of simulation flight and practical flight produces better and safer pilots.

You don't have an IFR Rating yet? We can help

Twenty out of the required 40 hours of flight time can be done in our simulator at a fraction of the cost.

An hour of simulated training is three times more effective than flight time! Imagine cutting out pre-flight, taxi time, ATC runway delays, climb out, tie down time etc. From the moment you release our parking brakes, you're full-on training!

And you're welcome to bring your own instructor or use ours.

VFR Pilots: We can help wipe the cobwebs off!

  • Unplanned flight into IMC from VFR
  • Plan your flight and practice landing at unfamiliar airports
  • Brush up on VFR navigation skills
  • Ask us to fail a component or two for emergency procedures review
  • Talk with live ATC so you get back in the communication groove
  • Again, your instructor or ours (or no instructor at all)

Our mission: To make you proficient, not just current!