Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

Didn't get a chance to log the six approaches, holding and course tracking required by 14 CFR 61.57 to stay IFR current? Did you know you can do almost everything in the sim and save time and money? 

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Advanced​ Flight Training for Pilots Using an FAA Approved Full Motion AATD Flight Simulator.

Simulation Flight

"Simulators coupled with scenario based instruction are no longer affordable only for those with a large bank accounts or corporate sponsorship. First class simulator based instruction is cost effective and affordable for every serious pilot."

Gordon Schilling

Our Pilot Training Courses

Interview Prep

Ready for the airlines or that exciting corporate pilot job? Don't leave anything to chance. Let us help you prepare so you can get your dream job.

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Companion Course

The objective of this course is to introduce a non-pilot flying companion to the airplane, and become proficient in air work, navigation, communication and landing, so that in the event of an emergency they can safely land the airplane.

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Biennial Flight Review (BFR)

​Did you know that you can do the majority of your flight review required under 14 CFR 61.56 in our simulator? It's faster and you'll learn and retain more.

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Spatial Disorientation Training

One of aviation's biggest killers is spatial disorientation yet we rarely train for it beyond a few unusual attitudes at our BFR or IPC. We've designed a course using our sim that will help you avoid or successfully deal with disorientation and make you a safer pilot for you and your passengers.

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Instrument Rating

The FAA allows up to 20 hours of your IFR training to be done in an AATD. You'll save time and money, be able to pause and discuss procedures in the sim, enhance your retention and easily transfer your skills to the airplane!

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