As a rusty private IFR rated pilot who had not flown in eight years, I was understandably nervous about getting back into flying. I decided to use Simulation Flight not only to  brush up basic flying skills, but also to update and polish my instrument skills. Bob Collins has a rare combination of major airline proven teaching methods combined with incredible patience and an outstanding simulator that allowed me to quickly pass my flight review and prepare for my IPC. Along the way, Bob helped me to fix some bad habits and polish and update my instrument skills while introducing me to GPS WAAS enabled approaches and Advanced Technology panels that were never part of my original instrument instruction. Doing this in the simulator under Bob’s instruction allowed me to make quick progress and save both time and money. I intend to return for regular recurrent training in the future with Bob to maintain and continually improve my skills. Simulators coupled with scenario based instruction are no longer affordable only for those with a large bank accounts or corporate sponsorship. First class simulator based instruction is cost effective and affordable for every serious pilot. 

Gordon Schilling


The DCX MAX is a really great flight sim! In analog Cessna 172 mode, it behaved very well - the controls felt like the real airplane, the OBS knobs worked like they should, and the sight picture looked really good too. Flying it with Simulation Flight was way better than other sims I've flown. 



Hi, Bob-

That was a very good experience and one that was a confidence-building. I was looking around on the internet and I really appreciated that your simulator center was focused more on GA pilots, which is refreshing to see. I think there is such a training gap for many GA pilots, there just isn’t the access to this sort of thing.

​Tony Sermonti


I had the privilege to work with Bob Collins for my IPC. Bob is one of the best instructors I have trained with. His breath of lifetime knowledge as an airline captain is combined with a superb teaching talent. I initially signed up with Simulation Flight to brush up on my instrument skills. After only a few sessions I realized that ongoing sim flight training with Bob would allow me to significantly improve every aspect of my flying skills as I am getting ready for my commercial check ride. I highly recommend any pilot at any level to seek training with Captain Bob Collins at Simulation Flight.

​Oana-Dave Wilson reviewed Simulation Flight — 5 stars