"The DCX MAX is a really great flight sim! In analog Cessna 172 mode, it behaved very well - the controls felt like the real airplane, the OBS knobs worked like they should, and the sight picture looked really good too. Flying it with Simulation Flight was way better than other sims I've flown."


​The DCX MAX from Precision Flight Controls is the newest AATD cockpit system flight simulator on the market. The functionality rivals most flight training devices and full flight simulators. The system boasts an impressive list of standard and optional features that make it the most advanced trainer in its class. The DCX MAX represents the ultimate value for flight schools or universities that require maximum versatility, functionality and fidelity within a budget. The DCX MAX is deployed on six continents and is fast becoming one of the most popular cockpit AATD systems in the world.

Single engine Piston $80/hr

Cessna 172P
Cessna 172R*
Cessna 172S *
Cessna 182 *
Cessna 182RG 
Cessna 182T *
Cessna T182T 
Cessna 206H *
Cessna T206H *
Cessna 210
Cessna P210
Mooney 231
Mooney Encore
Mooney M20J
Piper Arrow III
Piper Arrow III TC
Piper Arrow IV
Piper Arrow IV TC
Beechcraft Bonanza *
Beechcraft Bonanza TC 
Piper Malibu Mirage *

Multi engine Piston $100/hr
Cessna 414A
Cessna 421C
Beechcraft Baron
Beechcraft Baron TC
Beechcraft Duchess
Beechcraft Travel Air
Piper Seminole
Piper Chieftain
Piper Seminole TC
Piper Seneca I
Piper Seneca V
Turbo prop single engine $125/hr
Cessna Caravan 
Pilatus  PC12 
Turbo prop multi engine $150/hr
King Air C90
King Air A100
Super King Air B200 
Beechliner 1900D
Piper Cheyenne
  • * G1000 Panel available for this aircraft model for a $10.00 surcharge
  • Instructor provided for $75/hr or you may bring your own instructor
  • Our GPS database includes all of the Americas (USA including Alaska, Canada, Central and South America)
  • We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash


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